GPTCA US Course Rules and Regulations.

GPTCA Courses in the Unites States are run and managed by ElSawy Tennis and Sports Centers LLC. Prior Certification is a pre requisite to attend any GPTCA courses and receive a GPTCA certificate. We accept prior certifications from (ITF, ATP, PTR, USPTA, All National Federation certificates ), you can also send certificate for approval if it falls outside mentioned entities. All applicants must adhere to registration deadline. Registration is only complete once application is submitted, accepted and all required fees are payed. There is a fee of $250 that is non refundable once withdrawal is requested after the registration deadline has closed. Full refund provided prior to that. All Course attendees have to adhere to Covid Safety protocols placed by the GPTCA ,ETSC and the Club or Venue hosting the event. Masks and social distancing are required and are not optional. All our speakers have the option to present in person or through Zoom or virtual Video conferences, so please be aware of that when you register. If you are unsure or need clarification on any of the above points , please feel free to contact “ gptcacoach@elsawytennis.com” and our staff will be happy to assist. Thank you so much for your compliance and assistance by committing to these rules and regulations. GPTCA US and ETSC Staff wishes everyone a great experience.
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