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E.T.C team will guide you through a unique tennis program

The ATT is an elite tennis training program. It includes full board all year long. It has the academic component for our high school players and players who want to further their education. It is supervised, coached and implemented by some of the best and most experienced coaches in the business.

To be part of this program, you will need to have the right character, level of play, commitment and goals. It is tough daily training that requires discipline and a lot of heart, especially since you will be training alongside some of the best upcoming players on tour or in college.

Some of the program partners include the Marriott Hotel Chain, were all our players reside all year round.

Catering services that provide our staff and players with the right nutrition plan to maintain the level of output and strength necessary for high performance. Our nutrition plans are devised and supervised by specialists.

The first and arguably the best Online High school program in the nation.

This program surpasses the level of individual attention or training provided by any academies or private training. For that reason it is not an open program. Players will be chosen according to set criteria and qualifications.

All Players in this program will receive some kind of financial aid to assist parents with the heavy burden they have been carrying.

We encourage any interested player to apply, but keep those points in mind when you do:

  • The program only accepts ten players.
  • An opening occurs only when one of the active members moves on.
  • Hard work and ethics will always be taken into consideration when the staff makes their decisions.
  • A ready waiting list will be the source of replacing this player.
  • Waiting list will be always updated as the player level and results change.

We are building a program that makes us proud, we encourage team work, honesty and diversity. Learn to be a great player and still keep your team spirit, learn to play an individual sport and yet share and help others improve as well.

If you cannot compete with integrity, you will lose a lot more than a tennis match.

We have decided to increase this program’s capacity and scope since we have seen the desire and willingness to work from parents and players, but not the guidance necessary to help them

Tamer El Sawy

ETC Owner/Director

Register for E.T.C Programs

E.T.C team will guide you through a unique tennis program
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