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E.T.C team will guide you through a unique tennis program

This is the most intense after school program in Tampa. This program is a step up in the time commitment for the advantage program. Competitive Edge program offers a few needed additions of private hours and weekend tournament coaching that for some players are an absolute necessity. Players who have the time needed and are looking for excellence and a daily tennis routine as a priority in their life, this is the one for you.

We always recommend this program if time is a factor in the results needed or six to eight months of your last high school year. This time gives our coaches the private time and supervision necessary to achieve maximum improvement in a shorter amount of time, so that college coaches see you at your best and it gives you a true level of intensity that pushes you to your limits.

It also offers a unique tournament coaching experience that gives all players a taste of what it feels like for pros to have their coaches sitting up in the stance supporting them and talking to them after their matches. Also coaches will help devising game plans to assist the players and maximize their on court efficiency.

Competitive Edge package: (offered five days a week for clinics and seven for privates)

  1. Five days a week of clinic.
  2. Two hours of private lessons a week
  3. Tournament coaching

All our programs are run by professionals who train high level college and pro athletes, so your son or daughter will always be in great hands. For any further questions or adjustments to our current set, please feel free to contact us at the listed numbers.

Join the best after school program in Tampa and give us a chance to let your youngster unleash his or her talents.

Enrollment in this program is per semester. Please check Semesters and Times for ETC.

Register for E.T.C Programs

E.T.C team will guide you through a unique tennis program
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